Channel Update

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It’s official y’all: the Hustle Queen channel is back up and running on YouTube! I wanted to get out a brief video playing catch up from the last 9 months and touch a little bit on why I’m so excited … Continued

I Wanna Get Better

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Today I deadlifted for the first time, a whopping total of 80 pounds.     This time a year ago, I weighed 89 pounds.     There have always been solutions I’ve provided myself because I thought they’d improve my … Continued

Crazy is a Bouquet of Flowers

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called “crazy”. Being called anything besides what you prefer to be called is not fun in any capacity, as many of us who have had the unfortunate experience have come to know intimately … Continued

So Be Lost

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The kicker to life is that none of us really have it figured out. Pray on it, meditate on it, write about it if you’d like, but the answer is always the same: you don’t know. I have control issues. … Continued

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

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How you live, what you think, and the energy you exude – these things are a matter of choice. Is this choice an easy one to make? For me it wasn’t. When I started the journey of trying to transform … Continued

Motivation Monday: Thoughts of a Millennial

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Everyone has their own opinions of the millennial generation, but there’s one unmistakable fact about this era we can all agree on: social media rules all, and the word is still out on whether or not we have shaped it… … Continued